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Union Protectíva de Santa Fé
is proud to announce our upcoming Recuerdos page.  The page will be honoring our deceased members, their dedication to both family, community and is being proudly sponsored by:

Rivera Family Funeral Home/Mortuary and Santa Fe Funeral Options

All inquiries concerning this page before it is published should be directed to:

info@unionprotectiva.com, "Contact Us" page
or 720-309-4098


Santa Fé Funeral Options and Rivera Family Funeral Homes

Santa Fé




Please have yearly dues paid prior to january 1, 2015. 

any changes to your beneficiary, address, phone number or email please call 505-983-9886 or go to "contact us" page.



When it was first started in 1915, La Union Protectiva de Santa Fe was a network of neighbors sharing what little they had to help each other.

The group started in the neighborhoods around Apodaca Hill, and its mission was to fill a basic need: to help families put to rest a loved one.

"Let's say the widow of a neighbor didn't have enough money to bury him," said Rafael Ortiz, a 60-year member of the group and its current president. "Neighbors would give a nickel a piece."

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